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Google Doodles

November 24, 2005 5 comments

Once a while you can see a cool redesigned google logo on the home-search page of, with a theme celebrating an event or a holiday. Check out the logos for holiday (official), art, fun and other topics. Some great creativity between the six letters. Now, it never needed a hi-tech graphics designer to design them. See this to believe what I’m saying. via: googleblog

In case Google and eBay merge, what would it be called goobay!!! Meanwhile, if you want your name/text to be doodalized, follow this link logogle. Here is how the doodle for the text [search] would look!

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Ready(?) Launch 2005

November 22, 2005 Leave a comment

Microsoft is coming out big with the Ready Launch Tour 2005 worldwide to launch the releases of SQL Server 2005, VS 2005 and BizTalk 2006! At Bangalore, it is scheduled at our very own Palace Grounds on the 09th December 2005, and guess who’ll be here for that?? None other than Bill Gates!!

Are you Ready? Catch the excitement, Register here for the event!

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Flat-panel displays

November 7, 2005 Leave a comment

Here is a nice little flash animation on how flat-panel displays are made. Reminds me of the VLSI course in my UG studies! However, if you are interested in buying a flat-panel monitor / TV, these are some things to look out for. And some general gyan on display technologies.

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MIT’s $100 Laptop

November 3, 2005 Leave a comment

Here is the preview of the $100 laptop by mit. Apart from the Slick design, there are a few really useful features. The hand-crank generator can charge up the laptop and the carrying strap is the adaptor & cord!

At the same time, Gates envisions the Tablet PCs as the future. He hopes that the costs come down and in reality replace the student notepads! [from this channel9 video]

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