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Yahoo! Photos

April 25, 2005 Leave a comment

I like Yahoo! because of the many services it provides. I don’t have to create a new account somewhere else for each service. Yahoo photos was good untill I noticed that full-size image access was not available [link], even to the owners!!. The standard size is 480×360 px, which almost looks like a thumbnail in today’s desktop resolutions. This made me look for other options to migrate to – webshots/imagestation. Then, what about images already stored in yahoo?? I want to get them back… in full-size.

Some google, and there was someone already there with a “fix“. Try to print using the print-at-home button, we get the full size image. And then, its just digging it out from the temporary internet files folder.

Inspired by this, this and also a lot of other things, I am trying to post-in more frequently.

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SQL Server clients

April 18, 2005 Leave a comment

I work quite a bit with Query Analyzer & Enterprise manager and guess these are the most popular tools to access the SQL server 2000 databases. There are other/better tools. The all new SQL Server management studio 2005 by microsoft is impressive with some right things at right places. (no more switiching between QA and EM). The free low-end downloadable alternative is the express manager.

There is also a TOAD for SQL server!! I thought TOAD was only available for oracle, but great to see this one for SQL server.

One more is Essqeulle, which is generic and can be used with any database brand! Its developed by a good friend sid and is available here.

Of course, sometimes the all simple and powerful command-line utility – osql is just perfect.

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