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December 17, 2004 6 comments

It started with I getting to know about [thanks to S]. Its actually so cool to have the google search right in the taskbar.

There is also the google desktop search that i’m trying now-a-days. more at and; you may find something interesting for you there. and there is gmail, orkut info. ,

interesting to know that google is upto more things than web search.

[*** update:] Also found this cool hack around gmail GMailDrive

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my hash table

December 14, 2004 2 comments

[Read bottom-up]

Connecting to a SQL server instance running on non-default port (other than 1433)
I got to this problem only while trying to use SQL Server 2005 express manager. One way is to configure an alias in the Client network utility. However, the syntax for specifying the absolute instance name is “protocol:servername\instancename,portname“, e.g\uat,2048

Specifying the version of .NET framework for each WebApplication
aspnet_regiis.exe utility lets me view and assign the .NET framework version to each individual web-app. This way my quickstarts can be running on Fx 2.0 and the my Project on Fx 1.0.3705.6018 (this corresponds to version 1.0 with SP3)

Tab-completion in Windows 2000 command window
This feature allows you to begin entering in a long filename from the command prompt, and to press the Tab key to have the rest of the long filename automatically completed.

Navigate: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\CommandProcessor
Name: PathCompletionCharData
Value: 9

Select rows as a single value
If you ever had a requirement to select a concatenated-delimited string of few string data in few rows of a table, here is the SQL for it.

declare @list varchar(255), @delimiter char(1)
set @delimiter = ‘,’
select @list = coalesce(@list + @delimiter, ”) + title_id from titles
select @list as RowsAsSingleValue

Somethings that I’ve come across and want to remember.

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