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RSS ?? …

November 25, 2004 1 comment

As if it was not enough stuff already on the internet, people around (me too!!) have started blogging. Some of these blogs are very active and people check them regularly (and post comments too). I had often seen the XML/RSS icon on the blogs, but never really went any further to find out more stuff about this. I happened to notice a new menu option Feeds on my avant browser 10.0, and then started to try out. And thus, accidently got to know more stories about RSS, syndication in general and other feed types.

Its not just content from blogs that you want to syndicate. There are news feeds that you can subscribe to (rediff gives it out). There is also a lists of most-subscribed-to RSS feeds! Yahoo now allows you to add feeds, so that you decide what you get on your myYahoo! homepage. It seems that a lot more can come up around this idea? ….want more??? ……how about Gmail on your feed reader??

Somehow, I feel this way you are going to have a little more control on what you want to see out of the big bad web. The new web is going to be same as the old web!!

All this said, this is the feed of my blog 🙂

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hic hic hurray!!

November 17, 2004 1 comment

Ever wonder why one gets high with alcohol? I didn’t; untill one day when I looked for this at

This page was interesting in the entire article

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As guessed…

November 3, 2004 Leave a comment

had forgot totally about this thing. Went through the forgot password way to comeback here and write this.

Anyways, spent sometime @ yesterday. World is indeed a small place. Could locate a few friends already in there.

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